MathSphere Interactive Calculations 4

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A practical, easy to use resource covering Knowing and Using Number Facts and Calculating for Year 4. With over 100 separate activities, timed challenges and games, this is an indispensable classroom resource. Ideal for the teacher to use on electronic whiteboards. Perfect for the children to practise and consolidate.

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If you were wondering if there was much on this CD - be assured that the Primary Framework for Mathematics has been covered in incredible detail. Each one of over 100 activities concentrates on just one concept....many include step by step help files explaining what strategies to use. Using the CD, your children can develop the use of efficient written methods for addition and subtraction as well as developing written methods for multiplication and division.

Explanations of activities

Clear, step by step help files demonstrate the objectives and really help teachers explain the key concepts. Ideal for improving mental arithmetic skills.

High interest

Vivid, full screen illustrations and fast moving games capture children’s imagination, maintaining high interest.