Year 2 Maths Worksheets

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Year 1 Maths Worksheets

A brilliant resource to meet the very latest challenges facing children as they progress through Year 2. Designed to help teachers and parents find the most suitable resources to fulfil the requirements of the new Maths Programme of Study.

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The Very Best Year 2 Maths Worksheets

From counting to statistics, from addition to fractions, there is a vast range of activities for children in Year 2, aged 6/7. To ensure the highest quality, every page has been written by experienced teachers.

  • Updated for the very latest statutory requirements with many new pages added
  • Answers included where necessary to make marking simple
  • Concept pages clearly explain the ideas being taught
  • Over 800 high quality pages of questions and answers
  • Single user licence for teachers or parents (school site licence upgrade available)
  • MathSphere software is already being used in over half all UK primary schools

Try Some Free Sample Worksheets

To give you a better idea of the worksheets available we have provided a selection of free modules for Year 2.

Please download these samples, print them out and use at home, or photocopy and use in the classroom.

Solve Money Problems
23 Pages

Solve Money Problems

Beginning by using coins to help count before moving onto pounds and pence and the decimal point.

Doubling and Halving
12 Pages

Doubling & Halving

Plenty of practice to ensure children will be able to recall the doubles and halves of small numbers.

Adding More Than Two Numbers
16 Pages

Adding More Than Two Numbers

Adding and subtracting three small numbers becomes simple with this great collection of worksheets.

List of modules

It is impossible to describe in a single page the massive amount of high quality maths contained in this one product.

To give you some idea, have a look at the list of all modules:

Number and Place Value 166 pages

Revise counting on and back in steps of one. 18
Counting in tens and twos. Odd and even numbers. 16
Counting in steps of three and five. 9
Describe and extend number sequences. Count on and back. 19
Read and write 2-digit numbers. Partition numbers. 22
Comparing and ordering numbers. 19
One or ten more than or less than. Position numbers. 22
Order a set of familiar numbers. 15
Estimation and approximation. 15
Rounding a number to the nearest ten. 11

Multiplication and Division 129 pages

Derive doubles and halves quickly. 12
Revise understanding multiplication. 17
2 times table up to 12. 9
5 times table up to 12. 9
10 times table up to 12. 9
Tables: 2x, 5x and 10x speed sheets to 10. 13
Understand division. 25
Division tables. 5
Multiply and divide mentally. 16
Understanding remainders. 14

Measurement 108 pages

Measure and compare. 15
Suggest suitable units to estimate and measure. 10
Use measuring equipment . Interpret scales. 14
Understand and read the time. 12
More understanding and reading the time 16
Word problems involving measurement. 13
Solve problems involving money. 23
Investigate 10p change. 5

Statistics 29 pages

Collect, sort and organise information. 9
Represent data. 13
Tally charts. 7

Addition and Subtraction 207 pages

Understand addition. 13
Understand subtraction. 12
Know addition and subtraction facts. 22
Add in any order. Identify near doubles. 17
Add more than two numbers. 16
Add and subtract pairs of numbers mentally. 27
Add and subtract multiples of ten. 25
Add and subtract: bridging through the tens. 17
Add or subtract by adjusting; use patterns. 28
Subtraction as the inverse of addition. 8
Checking answers. 9
Recording addition and subtraction in columns. 13

Fractions 32 pages

Recognise simple fractions and equivalence. 14
Recognise thirds and halves. 7
Count in quarters. 6
Investigate half. 5

Geometry 58 pages

Describe and classify 2D and 3D shapes. 10
Make shapes and describe features. 11
Angle as a measure of turn. 11
Describe positions and directions. 11
Recognise line symmetry. 11
Investigate cubes. 4

Using and Applying Mathematics 75 pages

Choose and use appropriate number operations to solve problems. 15
Investigate totals. 10
Investigate: 5 digit addition. 4
Investigate consecutive numbers. 4
Solve mathematical puzzles and investigate. 21
Investigate general statements. 12
Solve simple word problems. 14
Maths vocabulary word searches. 8
Necklace investigation. 5
Mental arithmetic
Autumn term. 25
Spring term. 25
Summer term. 25

Quick Details

  • Over 800 worksheets
  • Answers included
  • Concept pages included
  • For ages 6 – 7
  • PDF format
  • Simple download

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