MathSphere Interactive Calculations 3

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This brings you access to the most effective teaching materials and strategies for your children to meet the requirements of year 3. It also brings high expectations and promotes sequences of teaching and learning across year groups to ensure continuity and progression as defined in the renewed Primary Strategy for 2007.

Updated and now available at

All these resources and more now available online at


Free URBrainy Trial

Free trial available, but at £6 for a month they are tremendous value and allow access to all other year groups, plus English as well.

Great graphics

Captivating full screen graphics with colourful animations make this CD ideal for use on interactive whiteboards or individual computers.

Help files

‘Maths rats’ are used in clear, optional help files, to assist pupils with mental calculations. A great help for the class teacher, including precise explanations and activities to guide children through the introduction to pencil and paper methods of addition and subtraction.


Each activity is highly focussed - concentrating on just one objective. Superb for consolidation of concepts introduced during the whole class teaching time.

A4 print-outs

Easy one-click printouts for most activities makes short-term assessment of children’s achievements straightforward.