MathSphere Interactive Calculations 1

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Written by the UK leaders in Primary Maths Education to raise standards in your school. Over 70 highly focussed activities fully covering the language and calculations skills of Mathematics. Brilliant for reinforcing essential mathematics skills and as a short term assessment tool.

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This CD has one aim: to give you access to the most effective material and strategies for your children to meet the requirements of the latest version of the Numeracy Strategy for knowing and using number facts and calculating.


Using the CD will ensure that children are confident with the language of calculating, as well as achieving success with the mathematical operations. By clicking on the key words they can hear the words spoken. This is a very useful tool for helping children read and understand the meaning of the words.


The CD guides children through 3 progressive stages of calculation:

  1. Counting of objects
  2. Using a number line
  3. Remembering and recalling simple number facts


When a child has completed 10 questions he/she is forwarded to an answer sheet. This shows what the child typed for each question and is computer marked.

Easy, one click printing ensures a clear A4 record of the child’s achievement for that objective. Ideal for short or medium term assessment.